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Volunteers Needed
Volunteer Flyer
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Volunteer - We Can Do More!

Have an interest in volunteering?

Palpung Lungktok Choeling is committed to helping the local community in these hard times. Palpung Lungtok Choeling regularly provides hot, nutritious meals to families and individuals who are not getting enough to eat. The congregation also organizes warm-clothing drives to collect and distribute coats, jackets, clothing and blankets in preparation for the winter season. The congregation also provides scholarships to help academically gifted students with their financial hardships.

Areas where Palpung Lungtok Choeling can use your help include:

  • Mentoring Program
  • Program Management
  • Facilities
  • Public Relations
  • Hospitality
  • Outreach
  • Finance
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • General Administration
  • Chinese Word Processing
  • English Word Processing

Email contact@palpung.com to inquire about standing and upcoming volunteer opportunities! We want to hear from you!

Dharma Application Group

The Dharma Application Group is a special group at Palpung Lungtok Choeling consisting of volunteers who regularly devote their time and effort towards helping those in need.

The Dharma Application Group applies the compassion its members gain through Dharma teachings to routinely assist with hospice services, disaster relief efforts, and any other circumstances where aid is needed.

To become part of the Dharma Application Group, contact Franny (650-387-7093, or dharmaapplication@palpung.com).

Tell Your Friends!

Volunteer opportunities are never limited to just Buddhists! Please refer any of your friends who may be interested in contributing their time to help others.
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