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Email dharmaapplication@palpung.com to request services.

Services for Bay Area residents are available through Palpung Lungtok Choeling, our location in San José, California. These include, but are not limited to, House Blessings, Hospice Service, 49 Days Service, Refuge, and Empowerment.

House Blessings

    The performance of a house blessing encourages prosperity and good luck upon the home and homeowners. House Blessings involve the presentation of offerings to Buddha images, recitation of ceremonial chants, and the sprinkling of holy water.

    This service is offered for all residences in and around the Bay Area.

Hospice Service

    End of life patients can become lonely and fearful. Our volunteers will help them feel loved and our resident Lama will help them feel peace and comfort.

49 Days Service

    This is performed when one of your loved ones has passed on. Our Lamas at Palpung Lungtok Choeling begin ceremonial chanting usually starting 7 days after the death (the 1st 7), and repeat every 7 days until the "7th 7," or 49 days.
Palpung Lungtok Choeling, 2175 Santiago Ave., San Jose, California 95122
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