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Announcing the Palpung Scholarship Recipients!

Twenty college bound bay area students received Palpung Scholarships, worth $1000 each, at an awards ceremony on Saturday, August 4, 3pm.

Many applications for the scholarship were received and with difficulty, the final 20 were chosen. The applicants have been accepted at various universities across the United States. They have overcome many challenges in order to have a future in higher education.

The winners of the 2012 Palpung Scholarships are:


  • Xiomara Barcenas, San Francisco
  • Stefania Borda, Hayward
  • Khoi Q. Bui, Milpitas
  • Wendy Carmona, Morgan Hill
  • Isis Centeno Gayosso, Seaside
  • Melissa Gomez, Moutain View
  • Caroline Le, Oakland
  • Hyowon R. Lihinag-Tam, Oakland
  • Mengqi Lu, San Francisco
  • Ahn Tuyet Nguyen, San Jose
  • Edward Nguyen, Fremont
  • Victoria F. Okumura, Union City
  • Hallen Pham, San Jose
  • Aileen C. Quach, San Jose
  • Mayra Renteria, San Jose
  • Maria Rico, Morgan Hill
  • Brianna Shupe, San Jose
  • Erum Sultan, Fremont
  • Catherine Witcher, Los Altos
  • Tiaira Wright, Oakland

All of the winners plan to be involved in community service to make a difference and to make the world a better place - Congratulations to them all!

Palpung Lungtok Choeling, 2175 Santiago Ave., San Jose, California 95122
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