2008 Scholarships

The application deadline has passed.

Congratulations to our winners!

Deadline: June 30, 2008
Award Amount: $1,000


Palpung Scholarships are now available for Bay Area residents who are college bound this year. The 30 scholarships, each worth $1,000, will be awarded to high school graduates, who have been accepted by a 4 year college, and who are financially disadvantaged

Palpung (Glorious Accumulation)Lungtok (Teaching & Practicing to Reach Enlightenment) Choeling (Dharma Center) has established this scholarship fund because it uses a basic tenet of Buddhism which is loving-kindness and compassion. The mission of Buddhism is to help people and all sentient being to become free from suffering and obtain lasting happiness therefore giving them hope for a better future. Buddhists do not just worship and pray for a better future, but put beliefs into action. They reach out to the community and apply their Buddhist principles.

The Palpung organization believes that education is the cornerstone of our future and that young people are the key element for a better world. Therefore, this organization is offering these scholarships to college bound students to give them an opportunity to succeed and grow and become a good example and role model for other young people.


Applicants for the Palpung Scholarship should be Bay Area US residents who have been accepted into a 4 year college in a Bachelor program and who have a combined family income of $40,000 or less.

How to Apply

Print, complete, and return the application, with supporting documentation and essay (see application form), by June 30, 2008. Winners will be announced by July 15.


Susan Bristow
(510) 656-5898